Everyone has that place they return to again and again. Usually it’s a café or bar that’s close by and comfortable, with simple, flavorful food. Instead of being the “hot new place,” it offers under-the-radar charm and feels like an extension of home… That’s what we hope Local 39 will be for the Homewood community and beyond. Our menu consists of sports bar staples like hot wings and burgers, plus lighter fare and shareable bar snacks. We also have a full bar with wine, beer, and classic cocktails. Two TVs to watch the game can be seen from every seat in the space.


Our name originates from Birmingham and Edgewood Electric Railway’s “No. 39 Edgewood” line that ran over Red Mountain into Homewood many decades ago. Remnants of the No. 39 track were uncovered and restored at the intersection of Oxmoor Road and Broadway, right outside our front door. Now, as then, we want the Local 39 to bring people together.



Jonathan and Lyndsey

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